Why an Enterprise Networking Platform Is the Key to Enhance Employee Engagement [Networking Software]

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Blog, Enterprise Collaboration

Productivity of an organization correlates to employee engagement. Let’s see how improved employee engagement results in better profits for the organization.

There are statistics that back the above stated relationship between organizational productivity and the way employees interact with each other. Enhancing employee engagement needs the support of an enterprise networking platform loaded with exciting features.

While employee engagement is a concern across the globe today, many management professionals believe that a robust networking software can delight the employees, and enhance their commitment towards the tasks at hand.

Enterprise Networking Platform (ENP) For Employee Engagement

Recently, Microsoft acknowledged the importance of enterprise networking software and implemented it. Surprisingly, it spurred $1.2 billion purchase like never before! The productivity of the firm rises high when employee engagement is optimal.

Two Promising Features ENP Provides to Companies:

Enterprise Networking Platform (ENP) is a composite tool which encompasses enables organizational communication within large companies. It can also generate good visibility that most companies crave for in this competitive global market space.

  • Multiple Features in One Platform
  • ENPs offer a wide range of features including messaging between groups, individuals, members, etc., to posting images, GIFs, and videos. When compared to the traditional communication platforms within organizations, ENPs have the upper hand as they can update and share information in a more flexible manner.


  • Being Part of Discussions Anytime-Anywhere
  • The administrators of various groups in ENPs can add members for a healthy discussion to take place. Members with similar business or corporate interests can openly discuss with the help of ENPs, these discussions could even include rating features, blog posts, opinionated blogs, etc.

    This feature also allows the members of the groups to share information on official projects, specific news stories, and live updates. This means that all the members in the group have a variety of information under their disposal.


    Employee Networking is the Key to Success

    The challenges at workplaces might be many but one that always resides in the minds of the team leads of big companies is to find talent and keep them for long. Today, a lot of organizations are addressing this challenge and still, they are unable to overcome it.

    Read this for more information.

    A recent survey by Gallup says that having an inbuilt networking platform app/service will have a lot to offer to the employees in a positive manner. However, organizations fail to understand that reinvesting on developing the employees who are on-board and ongoing training will make them reach their optimal potential, otherwise it’s just going to be monotonous.


    Additional and Effective Benefits of ENPs

    • Employee Communication Platform
    • Alumni Networking Tool
    • App for Event Organization and Networking
    • Overall Networking Software

    It’s high time company heads think about internal networking rather than focusing more on external networking. Leveraging the benefits of having a strong intra-office relationship are extremely effective as they also help in collaborations with the clients.

    Hopefully, in the near future, the amount of effort put in for external networking by the companies should be inverted and internal employee network becomes the primary concern.

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