A list of frequently asked questions
about Project Eagle’s functionality and relevance

What is Project Eagle?

Project Eagle is an enterprise networking platform which uses a single interface to support seamless communication and collaboration across connections and memberships.

Which enterprises can benefit from Project Eagle?

Project Eagle serves the interests of diverse networks including corporate institutions, manufacturing firms, logistics companies, chambers of commerce, as well as educational institutions and NGOs. Full list of industry segments can be accessed here.

What are the core features of Project Eagle?

Project Eagle allows users to create individual and group profiles, share posts, conduct polls & surveys, organize events, and raise funds. Full features list can be accessed here.

Is Project Eagle a social or professional network?

Project Eagle is both a social and a professional network, and has features and functionalities which take it beyond existing applications. In short, it is networking 2.0.

Why use Project Eagle when I have free apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, or Linkedin?

When compared to the above, Project Eagle nurtures existing networks and keeps posts, discussions and messages private. In addition to this, data remains with the users and does not spill over.

Is Project Eagle a public or a private network?

Project Eagle is a flexible platform and can be customized into a private or a public network depending on the need of the organization.

My firm has around 300 current employees only. Will Project Eagle be relevant to my organization?

Yes, Project Eagle helps foster networking between any number of members. Reach out to us and we will be glad to customize the platform to suit your interests.

Does Project Eagle guarantee high uptime?

Yes. Project Eagle uses its own servers which provide 99% uptime guarantee.

What is the average cost of deploying Project Eagle at an enterprise?

The cost differs from enterprise to enterprise depending upon the number of users and the functionalities they choose in addition to the core features. Contact us (link contact us page) and we will be glad to customize a quote to suit your budget.

So, is Project Eagle similar to an intranet or a social intranet?

While a typical intranet functions as a communication tool between management and employees, Project Eagle’s features and functionality go beyond an intranet or a social intranet as it is based on user generated content.

Does Project Eagle support third party applications?

Yes, Project Eagle supports third party applications based on relevancy and scalability.

How secure are payments made through Project Eagle?

Project Eagle ensure highest levels of encryption to keep payments and corresponding data completely secure.

Which mobile operating systems does Project Eagle support?

Project Eagle supports Android, iOS, and web applications.

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Project Eagle keeps contacts' data private and does not share it with third parties.